Westside Current

WESTSIDE - It’s been almost a year since we launched the Venice Current. When we started sharing the news, we saw a great need to fill a gap in coverage vital to our community.  

 As we worked our way through issues and events, we began to realize things happening in other areas of the westside effect Venice and vice versa.  The Westside is facing a changing tide. Our councilmember has been served his second recall since taking office.  We also continue to face a homeless crisis that is not just in our backyard, but all over the city. 

Our goal is to give all communities an equal access to information about their immediate surroundings as well as an overall view of their neighbors, too.

Both the short term and long term goals are the same:  to give the Westside the importance it deserves in Los Angeles.

So today, we expand our vision to the whole of the westside. 

Welcome to the Westside Current. 

Send us your news tips and story ideas to news@westsidecurrent.com