Venice Pride Tower

Venice Pride Tower (Photo courtesy Google images)

  HERMOSA BEACH  - A Hermosa Beach lifeguard tower will remain permanently painted with LGBTQ+ rainbow pride colors instead of being returned to its original blue color at the end of the summer.

The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors will maintain the tower's rainbow colors, along with another permanent Pride tower in Venice.

The Hermosa tower was painted during Pride Month after a non-binary teen resident of Hermosa Beach, Izzy Bacallao, had the idea in response to the March burning of a rainbow-painted Pride lifeguard tower in Long Beach.

   Hahn worked to make Bacallao's idea come to fruition, and during a Hermosa Beach Pride event on June 26, the town's rainbow lifeguard tower was unveiled.

   ``The rainbow tower is beautiful and has become a symbol of this community's love and support for LGBTQ rights,'' said County Supervisor Janice Hahn said.

   ``None of us wanted to see it painted over and I am proud to announce that the Pride Tower is here to stay.''