nick antonicello

Two-term incumbent Councilman Mike Bonin (CD11), currently under the threat of a second recall in four years, receives nearly $80,000 annually in free healthcare, pension credits and accumulated perks compliments of LA taxpayers despite the fact he is an elected official, and not an employee of the City of Los Angeles.

Bonin’s nearly $80,000 in added perks are more than the average salary of an LA municipal employee with decades of public service, and Mr. Bonin has a total compensation package of $285,673.48 making him the highest paid councilman in the United States.

Bonin’s compensation is nearly three times more than a New York City council member despite the fact being twice the size in population. Bonin earns more than any member of the five-member LA County Board of Supervisors who represent some two million per district or ten million residents.

Bonin represents a mere 250,000 on a council of fifteen that represents some four million people.

In fact, Bonin earns more than every member of the United States House of Representatives despite the fact a congressional district is 750,000 people, three times the size of a LA council district.

Bonin earns more than every United States Senator, including California Senators Alex Padilla and Diane Feinstein who each represent some forty million people.

Bonin even earns more than California Governor Gavin Newsom, also under a recall initiative and every other of the country’s forty-nine chief executives

Equally disturbing is that Bonin has not lost a single cent in his public salary and benefits package since the advent of COVID-19 and worldwide pandemic. He has failed to give back while Angelenos and Venetians are giving up!

While millions of LA residents have lost jobs and income, Mike Bonin has flourished on the public payroll not losing a single cent while crime and homelessness have exploded on Bonin’s watch, especially here in Venice where thousands now live in encampments on the beach as well as throughout the neighborhoods of Dog Town.

And while Bonin prepares to seek a third term, most are unaware of the millions he has accumulated in salary and benefits along with use of a city-owned vehicle and cell phone during his entire tenure as CD-11’s representative downtown.

Earns more than every US Governor, US House & Senate Member, more than council members in New York City, Chicago and Dallas.