Mike Bonin Zoom Call

I’m a lifelong Democrat who voted for Mike Bonin in 2017. If council members were graded on their ability to implement left turn signals and plant trees, he would receive an A+ in my book.

Unfortunately, that’s not the primary role of a council member, especially in 2021. We're facing a humanitarian crisis, with thousands of people dying on the streets of Council District 11, a significant increase in crime, and a failure of leadership to meet the moment.

In 2019 the LA Times found that nearly two-thirds of the folks living on the streets of LA are suffering from mental illness and/or addiction. The “housing first” model, which Bonin pledges his allegiance to, is failing. At $700,000 a pop, these units are too expensive, and will take too long to build, for a crisis that requires our immediate attention. We need to shift our resources toward interim solutions (think cabin homes on acres of open land at LAX not Will Rogers Beach). At Bonin's current pace, there will never be enough permanent housing for the unhoused.

After living with an encampment on my block for over a year, and not being able to walk down the street, I started looking into this issue further. I repeatedly called Bonin’s office to alert them about the situation and determine if shelter or rehabilitation services were being provided. Such calls went nowhere. There was a lack of any concern for the residents in the community, and even less concern about the folks living on the street smoking meth, assaulting women, and stealing bikes for their chop shops. Shamefully, Bonin is fine with allowing these dangerous drug encampments to grow in front of our children’s elementary schools and parks.

Can anyone from across the country simply move to our district, pitch a tent, and openly do drugs without consequence? According to Bonin, the answer is a resounding "YES".

Mike Bonin, who, years ago, talked about the need for more patrol officers in Venice, has now become a proponent for “Defund the Police”. While we need significantly more than 10,000 LAPD officers in the city of LA, Bonin is leading the charge to get that number down to 9,000, or fewer. The LAPD officers in our district are further handcuffed by Bonin and his extreme policies. It is no surprise that a heavy drumbeat of burglaries, assaults, and arson followed. 9-1-1 hold times are simply unacceptable. Local communities have been forced to hire private security. Safety should never be politicized.

I was strongly against the Newsom recall. I am pro-vaccination, pro-environment, and pro-choice. The alternative to Newsom would have been Larry Elder--a far-right ideologue who hosted Stephen Miller on his radio show 69 times, doesn’t seem to care about stopping climate change, and does not take the pandemic seriously, among other negatives.

The recall of Mike Bonin is totally different. The proponents are both Democrats, most of the signatures were from Democrats, and the replacement will be a Democrat (Traci Park). That is why I signed this Petition, raised money for this Petition, and gathered signatures for this Petition.

Mike Bonin does not care about his own constituents, doesn’t represent the vast majority of their voices, and is even downright hostile to us. Just a few weeks ago he doxxed one of his constituents, who had a brick thrown through her door a couple days later; when asked about it at a Palisades Democratic Club Meeting, he showed no remorse, calling it a “Venice issue”. That’s unacceptable.

Putting aside the pro-Bonin bias at the LA Times, there are in fact many benefits of this recall.

While it may be true that the recall election could come a month before the 2022 *primary*, if Bonin is voted out, he will be removed from office immediately, 8-9 months before his term is up in mid-December, 2022. At this point, every day matters.

There are more consequences. Section 434 of the LA City Charter states: “No person who has been removed from an elected office by the recall, or who has resigned from office while recall proceedings were pending, shall be appointed to any office under the Charter for two years after that removal or resignation.”

Lastly, we need to send a message to all elected officials who are not listening to a majority of their constituents: this is our seat, not yours, and you will be removed when you fail to put our interests above your own.

Editor's Note: The author wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation.