Mike Bonin Zoom Call

WESTSIDE- Gov. Gavin Newsom headed back to work Wednesday after receiving an overwhelming vote of confidence from the state's voters in the attempt to recall him. 

   The ``no'' votes from Tuesday's recall election topped the ``yes'' votes 63.9%-36.1%, according to figures released by the Secretary of State's Office.  In Los Angeles County, 70.85 percent of the voters said no.

With the gubernatorial recall over, Recall Bonin 2021 staffers say they are hard at work and remain on schedule.  Last week staffers told the Westside Current that the gubernatorial recall sometimes confused the public, emphasizing that the Council District 11 recall is independent and bipartisan. 

 "The issue is Mike Bonin's terrible record and his inability to lead on the issues of homelessness, rising crime and the destruction of our neighborhoods right before our eyes. It is unacceptable and intolerable," offered one staff member.   

A day after the gubernatorial recall elections, the Twitter user Democrats Against Bonin reiterated the frustration with Bonin: “If the left won’t govern in a way that lifts people out of poverty, but instead enable criminality in the name of justice, Democrats will feel forced to vote R out of desperation. Dems must remember it’s a privilege to NOT be a single-issue voter.” 

Jessica Rogers from the Pacific Palisades Residential Association also expressed her concerns with Bonin and other Council members in the Wednesday City Council meeting. During public comment, Rogers told council members :” You represent all Angelenos not a minority of extremists.  This is insanity.  Crime is on the rise. Homeless encampments on the street are growing every day.  We need to and stop pandering to nonsense."      

Bonin was quick to hit Twitter thanking voters and organizers on Wednesday. “California wins. Now let’s get back to beating COVID, homelessness, poverty, systemic racism, and climate change. 

Bonin is also joining in on the state-wide message that most recalls in the state are GOP driven.  A recent video posted by the councilman titled “Stop the Right-Wing Recall in LA” says that "major funders of the recall are mega-donors, Trump lobbyists, and supporters of Larry Elder’s right-wing campaign for governor." The video also says that they [CD11 recall participants ]are attempting to exploit people's legitimate frustration with the homelessness crisis -- while some of the key leaders of the recall are suing and appealing to stop all solutions to the crisis.

Nico Ruderman, who leads the recall efforts ,stressed the bipartisan collection of volunteers and supporters from all sides of the political equation in a recent interview.

"We have Democrats as well as Republicans. We have committed independents. We have conservatives, liberals and moderates, and the reason we can string together this unique community of constituencies is because of the core values we can all agree upon. Mike Bonin has been our councilman for nearly a decade and presided over increased homeless encampments, rising crime and this notion that LAPD needs to be defunded versus supported in these trying times when you couple the impact of the pandemic and COVID-19," said Ruderman. 

With a little more than two months to go, the Recall Bonin 2021 campaign says it has collected half of the necessary 27,387 signatures needed for a recall election.  

Councilmember Mike Bonin has pushed back against the recall efforts citing an "extravagant waste of taxpayer dollars" and party politics as reasons not to move forward with the recall. 

Bonin was first elected as the CD 11 council member in July 2013 and was reelected on July 1, 2017, with a term to expire on Dec. 11, 2022. 

If all goes as expected a presentation to recall can be made to the full city council mid-December.