VENICE - Almost 400 Angelenos, businesses and organizations joined together Thursday to ask city leaders take a more decisive action to address crime and other quality-of-life issues that they say is jeopardizing the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

A letter sent to city and county leaders is urging them to provide shelter and services to the more than 200 individuals who have set up tents and structures on Venice Beach and its boardwalk park during the pandemic.

The letter asserts that there is widespread anxiety over public safety, cleanliness and other quality of life issues that are contributing to deteriorating conditions on the Boardwalk.

Along with asking to provide housing--the letter asks to make safety its highest priority as summer visitors begin to return.

The letter reads: 

Signatures from Angelenos, businesses and organizations:

Aaron Brooks, Venice

Aaron Miles, Venice

Abby Berman, Venice

Adam Carter, Venice

Adam Stern, Los Angeles

Alan Joel, Beverly Hills

Alessandra Alarcon, Venice

Alex Stowell, Venice

Alexandra Lamm, Venice

Alix Gucovsky, Venice

Amber Geores, Venice

Andrea Boccaletti, Venice

Andrea Lowden, Venice

Andrew Bowman, Venice

Angela Freytag, Venice

Anke Lecher, Venice

Ann Everest, Venice

Anthony Yerkovich, Venice

Anya Nayda, Venice

Arnold Springer, Venice

Arya Rahimian, Los Angeles

Barseg Kouredijian, Venice

Beach House Market, OFW,Venice

Ben Nott , Venice

Benjamin and Hellena Shahrabani , Venice

Beronica Martin, Venice

Bert Fallon, Venice

Beth Osisek, Ken Fink and family, Venice

Bill Parr, Pacific Palisades

BJ Farmer, Los Angeles

Blue Glass, OFW Venice

Blue Glass, OFW Venice

Boardwalk Skate and Surf, Venice

Bob Becker, Pacific Palisades

Bob Benderson, Pacific Palisades

Brain Sullivan, Venice

Brenna Vincent, Venice

Brennan Lindner, Venice

Brent Massman, Venice

Brian Averill, Venice

Brian Smith, Venice

Brock Mayeux, Venice

Cafe Venecia, OFW Venice

Caitlin Penny, Venice

Cali Shore Store, OFW, Darick Breland

Cali Shore Store, OFW, Darick Breland

California Love ,OFW Venice

Candle Cafe, Venice

Cari Bjelajac, Venice

Carlos Penny, Venice

Carol Reynes, Venice

Cassie Guarino, Venice

Cathy Mason, Long Beach

Cecily Tasker, Venice

Chad Kushner, Venice

Chante Hardesty, Venice

Charles Rosin, Venice

Charlie Deutsch, Venice

Chris Berman, Venice

Chris Plummer, Venice

Chris Rudin, Venice

Chris Towery, Venice

Christina Tullock, Venice

Christine Khalil, Venice

Christopher Scharff, Venice

CJ Cole, Venice

Clarence “CC” Carter, Venice

Claudia Aguirre, Venice

Clay Boss, Venice

Colin Gibbens, Venice

Common Sense Venice

Concrete Images, Venice

Connie Brooks, Venice

Corey Hartnack, Venice

Craig Enders, Venice

Crystal Vibrations, OFW Venice

Cynthia Boxrud MD, Venice

Custom Style, OFW Venice

Dan Bunting, Venice

Daniel Ganon, Venice

Daniel Samakow, Venice

Daniel Spaust, Los Angeles

Danielle Revelins, Venice

Daffodil Tyminski, Venice

Daphne Bill, Venice   

Daryl Barnett, Venice

David Frison, Venice Gymnastics Ambassador

David Jones, Venice

David Leroi, Venice

David Twinn, Venice

David White, Venice

Dayne Crellin, Venice

Deborah Keaton, Venice

Deborah Pitt, Venice

Dennis Smith, Venice

Diana Ho, Venice

Donald Nachtwey, Venice

Donna Lasman, Westchester

Dorothy Mountain, Venice

Dr. Scott Mayers, The Lantern House, Venice

Duncan Marshall, Venice

Durable Goods, Venice

Durable Goods, Venice

Dustin Brown, Venice

Eden ipolla, Venice

Edith Eliassen, Westchester

Edizen Stowell, Venice

Egyptian Museum, OFW Venice

Electrashock, Venice

Eli and Mina Friedler, Venice

Eli Holzman, Venice

Elisabetta Mauri , Venice

Elisabetta Perfetti, Santa Monica

Eliska Makovicka, Westchester

Elissa Marie Della Rocca, Venice

Ellen Andersen, Venice

Eric Fingleson, Venice

Eric Hartnack, Venice

Eric Lindstrom , Venice

Eric Peterson, Venice

Erick Street, Venice

Erin Alatorre, Venice

Eva Greene, Los Angeles

Evan Powell, Venice

Families First Venice

Fernando Valdez, Venice

Fig Tree Café, OFW Venice

Fight Back Venice

Francesca Padilla, Venice

Frank Defurio, Venice

Frederik Bond, Venice

Friends of Venice Boardwalk

Gary Panas, Venice

Gary Shafner, Venice

George Francisco, Venice

George Gross, Venice

Gila Standring, Venice

Gina DeWitt , Venice 

Gina Nigrell, Venice

Grant and Abigail Myers, Venice

Greg Orselli, Venice

Gustavo Merizalde, Del Rey

Hani Selim, Venice

Heidi Roberts, Venice

Helen Bill, Venice

Helen Fallon, Venice

Hotel Erwin, OFW Venice

Iain Gayley, Venice

Indigenous, OFW,Venice

Ingrid Miles, Venice

Ivan Victor, Venice

Jack McDonald, Venice

Jack V. Hoffmann , Venice

Jacob Goode, Venice

Jade Towery, Venice

James Evans, Venice

James Hong, Venice

James Ryan Nichols, Venice

Jamie Stern, Los Angeles

Jana Stern, Los Angeles

Jane Ireland, Venice 

Janine Johnson, Venice

Janine Negrin, Venice

Jedd Thomas, Venice

Jeff Ward, Venice

Jeffrey Kavin, Venice

Jennifer Kitchen, Venice

Jennifer Luke, Venice

Jenny Bond, Venice

Jesse Fisher, Venice

Jesselle Farmer, Los Angeles

Jessica Powell, Venice 

Jian Yang, Venice

Jim Bjelajac, Venice

Jim Fishman, Venice

Jim Robb, Venice

Joan Horne, Venice

Joanna Love, Venice

Johanna Belson, Venice 

John Baginski, Venice

John Betz, Venice

John E. Carey, Los Angeles

John Frane, Venice

Johnny Chuchen, Venice

Jorin Plummer, Venice

Joy Mashaal, Venice

Judy Esposito, Venice

Julia Daddio, Venice

Julie Milligan, Santa Monica

Julien Barthe, Venice

Kate Linden, Venice

Kate Willson, Venice

Katey Berman, Venice

Kathleen Conner, Venice

Kathryn Irwin, Venice

Katie Miller, Venice

Katy Downing, Venice

Keith Bjelajac, Playa Del Rey

Kent Seton, Venice

Kevin Berman, Westchester

Kevin Melendrez, Venice

Kevin Root, Venice 

KidsWorld, OFW Venice

Kyle Stimpson, Venice

Larry Hart, Venice

Laura Street, Venice

Lauren Fajkowski, Venice

Lauren Minkina, Venice

Lea Bond, Venice

Lela Becker, Santa Monica

Lenny Targon, Venice

Liana Krupp, Venice

Life’s Fashion, OFW,Venice

Lila Victor, Venice

Lily Nuss, Venice

Linda Miller, Venice

Lissa Ziranek, Venice

Liz Black, Venice

Lois Tartar, Venice

Lori Christensen, Venice

Louie Ryan, Venice

Louise Rodrigues, Venice

Maat Elman, Venice

Maddie Bill, Venice

Maia Verano, Venice

Marcie and Jeff Greene, Venice

Marcus Elman, Venice

Margie Lazarus White, Venice

Mari Smith, Venice

Maria Borgese, Venice

Marianne Pogoler, Venice 

Mark Lowe, Venice

Mark Peters, Venice

Mark Ryavec, Venice

Mark Standring, Venice

Mark Stern, Los Angeles

Marlene Sadan, Safran Senior Housing, Venice

Martin Murphy, Venice

Mary Hruska, Mar Vista

Mary O’Connor, Venice

Mathew Satuloff, Venice

Matt Nuss, Venice

Matt Stringfellow, Mar Vista

Matthew Kabala, Venice

Megan Kissinger, Venice

Melina Girardi, Venice

Melissa Alonso, Venice

Melissa McGuire Flaherty, Venice

Melissa Rose , Venice

Merysa Stern, Los Angeles

Michael A. Lerner and Eleanor Suhr, Venice

Michael Krupp, Venice

Michael Olson, Manhattan Beach

Michael Penfold, Venice

Michelle Raven, Venice

Mike Koss, USA Handball, LA

Mike Targon, Venice

Mike Wixom, Venice

Monica Danner, Long Beach

Morago, OFW,Venice

Myles Morgan, Venice

Nancy Goodstein, Venice

Nancy Wilding, Venice

Natalie Bjelajac, Playa Del Rey

Natasha Jacobs, Venice

Native American World, OFW Venice

Nell Copilow, Venice

Nichol Carlson, Venice

Nick Rivero, Venice

Nicole Kwak, Rick Kwak and family, Venice

Nihat Odabasi, Venice

Nina Helfman, Venice

Nuri Damji, Venice

Ocean Front Tattoo, OFW Venice


Pamela Harbour, Venice

Pamela Pine, Venice Beach Sk8dance

Patrice Fishman, Venice

Pat Snyder, Venice

Patty Ross, Venice

Paul Elman, Los Angeles

Paula Mahan, Venice

Penny Deihl, Venice

Penny Negrin, Pacific Palisades

Pete Walker, Venice

Peter Carpenter, Venice

Phil Tasker, Venice

Philip Folsom, Venice

Phillip Pickard, Venice

Phone Store, OFW Venice

Pizza Pizza, OFW Venice

Poseidon Properties, Venice

Rachael Shapiro, Venice

Rachel Davis, Venice

Ralph Ziman, Venice

Ramirez Accessories, OFW,Venice

Richard Reinach, Venice

Rob Ellis, Venice

Rob Saliomanas, Venice

Robert McKeon, Venice

Robert Shevlin, Venice

Robin Meili, Venice

Robin Murez, Venice

Robin Rudisill, Venice

Rodeo Show, Venice

Ron Slenzak, Venice

Rose and Andre Ohland, Venice

Rosalie E. Olson, Manhattan Beach

Rosina Lardieri, Venice

Russ Hann, Venice

Ruth Hasty, Venice

Ryan Becker, Santa Monica

Ryan Everest, Venice

Ryan Ragoza, Venice

Sadrudin Damji, Venice

Sam Diephuis, Venice

Sam Prker, Venice

Samantha Guerreiro, Venice

Sandor Stern, Los Angeles

Sandra Berens, Venice

Sandra Clark, Venice

Sara Kay, Playa del Rey

Sarah Becker, Santa Monica

Sarah Pasquin, Venice

Scott Carver, Venice

Scott Powell MD, Venice

Scott Spector, Venice

Sergio Pacheco Garcia, Venice

Sessely McDaniel, Venice

Shaun Tucker, Venice

Shawn Stern, Venice

Sheryl  Aubrey, Venice

Shoshana Maler, Venice

Sidewalk Café, OFW Venice

Sidney Copilow, Venice

Sinisha Nisevic, Venice

Small World Books, OFW Venice

Sneakersnstuff, OFW Venice

Sophie Hertz, Venice

Sophie Levy, Venice

Spike and Rebecca Beck, Venice

Stacy Fong, Venice

Starbucks ,OFW Venice

Stephanie McCartney, Venice

Stephanie Stephens, Venice

Steve Cedrone, Culver City

Steve Sanders, Venice

Steven Friedman, Santa Monica

Sue Kohl, Pacific Palisades

Sunlight Sunglasses, OFW Venice

Susan Frost, Venice

Susan Han, Venice

Tanya Folsom, Venice

Team Venice

Thanh Tran, Venice

Thelma Mericle, Venice 

Thomas and Madeleine Leighton, Venice

Thomas Neary, Venice

Titanic Boutique, OFW Venice

Todd Huber, Long Beach

Ton Williams, Venice

Tony Bill, Venice

Tony Dudman, Venice

Traci Park, Venice

Tracy Carpenter, Venice

Tracy Scruggs , Venice

Trio, Venice

Trisja Malisoff, Venice

Ursula Collison, Venice

Venice Beach Merchants Assoc, Michael Folkert

Venice Boardwalk Action Committee

Venice Chamber of Commerce

Venice Electric Light Parade

Venice Paparazzi, OFW Venice

Venice Skateboarding, Venice

Venice Stakeholders Association

Venice Surf-a-Thon

Vicki Halliday, Venice

Victoria Godfrey, Venice

Virginia and Mike Albanese, Venice 

Vladimir Kulich, Venice

Wael Khalil, Venice

William Mahan, Venice

Zach Pritchett, Mar Vista

Zelda Lambrecht, Venice

Zoe Pritchett, Mar Vista