VENICE-  Los Angeles Sanitation crews cleared out and cleaned up the world famous Venice Beach handball courts. 

The cleaning took place on Thursday after a struggle to balance residents demands for clean public spaces with activist groups who say such events are "cruel and criminalize homelessness."

There were 15 people who occupied the handball courts. Ten of the residents were placed into housing, four are said to be waiting on project roomkey vouchers and one refused to be placed.

Venice Beach Handball Court Cleanup

It took several large trucks to clean out items like couches, weight benches and a washer and dryer set. 

A handful of activist were on hand to document Thursday's cleaning. Rumblings of a protest to stop the cleaning took place on social media--but didn't materialize. 


A petition to clean up the courts started circulating in November of 2020. Mar Vista resident Michael Koss started the petition because he said the encampments that took over the courts were devastating.  “It’s heartbreaking because this is the mecca of handball on the West coast”, Koss said. Over the years, we have people from all over the country come and play.

No word on what the next steps for the handball courts are.