Circling the News

Circling the News received a “spam” email from Councilman Mike Bonin today [Friday], noting that he is not afraid of controversy and that special interests have targeted him. “But playing it safe doesn’t solve problems, and does not meet the demands of the crises facing our city," Bonin wrote. "I can handle the controversy, and I can continue to fight for what’s right, if I have your support. Could you please make a donation to my re-election campaign?

Let’s see. I’m thinking about what Bonin has supported: the Highlands Eldercare project in the Highlands (not supported by a majority of the community) and a 5-story development at the former Jack-in-the-Box location on lower Sunset (not supported by anyone in the community). Residents have asked for, but not yet received repaving of Temescal Canyon Road and Sunset and ADA-compliant bathrooms and playground at the Palisades Recreation Center.  

Councilman Bonin promised to support a dog park here in 2016 but that campaign has stalled. Citywide, there's a lack of enforcement by Building and Safety when it comes to developers who violate building codes when they construct mansion-sized homes. Bonin voted to raise DWP rates in 2016. In 2020, he voted for budget cuts at the LAPD. He promised Pacific Palisades that upwards of $50,000 in parking meter money would come back to the community, but took it away. 

CTN stands in solidarity with Venice and Brentwood, fighting for public safety. So, if I make a donation, it will go to the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness, which is working hard to keep this community safe by helping to connect homeless individuals with services. Visit: