Photo courtesy MoceanLab

LOS ANGELES  – As growing traffic congestion approaches pre-pandemic levels, MoceanLab, a future-focused mobility laboratory for L.A., has expanded its free-floating carshare service to Westside.

Mocean Carshare enables drivers to quickly and conveniently rent a hybrid-electric vehicle at an affordable price.

This on-demand service helps reduce congestion on the street and at the curb; research shows a single shared car can eliminate the need for between seven and 11 privately owned vehicles.

Approximately 25 low emission hybrid vehicles are available to rent in West L.A., from San Vicente to Olympic. “We are excited to serve even more Angelenos with our vision of mobility innovation that improves lives and expands opportunity for everyone,” said Dave Gallon, MoceanLab’s Chief Operating Officer. “Mocean Carshare’s rollout on the Westside will unlock a convenient new option to help Angelenos get around in a safe, sustainable and equitable way.”

Mocean Carshare’s expansion helps meet an urgent demand for mobility solutions throughout the city. Motorists are increasingly returning to the roads as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, with schools and workplaces slowly resuming in-person activities. Last year – at a time when many people were staying home – drivers in L.A. still lost an average of 45 hours to traffic congestion, at the cost of $663.94 per motorist, according to the traffic data firm INRIX.

Mocean Carshare is the only transportation service in Los Angeles that enables drivers to pick up and drop off vehicles anywhere in a designated home zone, providing maximum convenience and flexibility for users.

The new Westside home zone, which spans a large area  west of the 405 freeway and east of the Santa Monica city border, is part of a broader plan to expand Mocean Carshare to other high-density areas in the L..A. area where need and demand are greatest, complementing public transit options already available.

How it Works:

After downloading the Mocean Carshare app and registering for the service, eligible drivers can book vehicles in designated home zones. From there, customers simply unlock the car and drive, returning it to a designated home zone when finished. 

“From the coordination with local communities to this thoughtful service expansion, Mocean Carshare exemplifies the type of innovative mobility solution Los Angeles needs,” said Sam Morrissey, Executive Director of Urban Movement Labs, which MoceanLab joined as an advisory partner late last year.

“We look forward to seeing the positive impact this new service makes for people seeking improved transportation options without the need to own a personal vehicle.” 

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