Ballona Wetlands

No Dumping Sign at Ballona Wetlands (Westside Current)

 LOS ANGELES -The Los Angeles City Council deferred a motion presented by Councilmember Mike Bonin asking for little more than $2 million dollars for an encampment to home program. 

The motion asked for a transfer of $2,283,313 from the Additional Homeless Services ­General City Purposes Fund to the Los Angeles Housing Department Fund in a new account entitled "Westchester/Playa Vehicular Homelessness Intervention Program" for the "homelessness interventions" at the Ballona Wetlands.

Bonin, who will leave office in early December, authored the motion and stated that the money would  have been used for housing and services targeted for vehicular homelessness in the Ballona Wetlands area, including interim motel: stays, long-term housing options, and vehicular interventions such as safe parking, vehicle repair, storage, and program incentives.

Instead of voting to approve the motion, the council deferred it to the budget and finance committee. 

Numerous community members submitted public comments on the agenda item. Some asked the council to pause the project until councilwoman elect Traci Park takes office. "Please let Traci Park spend these valuable funds responsibly as our newly elected Council member," one public comment stated. 

Other Westchester residents weighed in, saying they were left in the dark and have concerns that vehicles will be moved to the Westchester Park area. We reached out to Bonin's office to learn more about the motion, but have yet to hear back in time for this report.

Bonin also submitted a motion prohibiting nighttime entrance onto City public rights­ of ­way abutting the Ballona Wetlands. That too was deferred.