RV Dwelling

Photo courtesy Ed Cirino (Westside Current)

LOS ANGELES - A new resolution to ban oversized vehicles from being parked along various streets in Westchester and Mar Vista from 2-6 a.m. was unanimously approved Friday by the Los Angeles City Council.

This is the second resolution that Councilwoman Traci Park introduced to prohibit RVs and other vehicles that are in excess of 22 feet in length or 7 feet in height from parking overnight in the 11th District, which she represents. The council approved a similar motion for several Venice streets April 14.

Park previously said that the resolutions were prompted after her constituents expressed their frustration and petitioned to prohibit large vehicles from parking in their neighborhoods. She called the resolution a "small step" to address a situation that raised concerns over public safety.

City Council directed the city's Department of Transportation to post signs giving notice of "tow away, no parking" restrictions for oversized vehicles.

The Department of Transportation would enforce the restriction on both sides of portions of these six streets:

-- Pearl Street between Centinela Avenue and Bundy Drive;

-- Wade Street between Palms Boulevard and the end of Wade Street;

-- Osage Avenue between Manchester Avenue and 83rd Street;

-- Victoria Avenue between Grand View Boulevard and Mountain View Avenue;

-- 88th Street between Emerson Avenue and Liberator Avenue; and

-- Penmar Avenue between Venice Boulevard and Rose Avenue.