Chie Lunn

Chie Lunn

VENICE - In the case of Chie Lunn, public service found her rather than her finding public service.

A new Venetian from Santa Monica born in New Orleans, Lunn brings an "in your face," results-driven agenda in her bid to become a community officer for the Venice Neighborhood Council (

One of some thirty candidates for an at-large community officer position, only thirteen will be victorious in a campaign where voters can only select just one individual.

An educator at the Home School Enrichment Center in Santa Monica, her two children ages 7 and 10 attend the same and her husband is a CEO with a software company.

For adversity seems to be Chie Lunn's middle name as she raised her younger brother when living in Chicago and no challenge seems too big for this fast-talking, problem-solving first time hopeful.

She is heavily involved in the education of her children and seeks "art, culture and diversity" as the right environment for her kids to best learn; excel and grow!

A one-time interior decorator, Ms. Lunn is also proud of what she describes as her "1950's beach bungalow" that she has restored.

Her entry into local community activism was the intolerable and unacceptable conditions at Penmar where encampments over-ran that neighborhood east of Lincoln Boulevard.

Lunn has described the conditions "difficult and challenging" as she has worked with service providers, LAPD and CD-11 to clean things up.

While she has worked with CD-11, she believes local VNC members need to keep Councilman Mike Bonin "accountable."

"The drug addiction and crime has been toxic and scary, and I fear for my own children as well as seniors. We need new and better voices for our neighborhoods. We need a fresh energy that I know I can provide."

Lunn will be running with a coalition of other VNC candidates including presidential hopeful Brian Averill and fellow community officer candidate, Soledad Ursua.

Security is also an issue Lunn has taken seriously and worked with a group of neighbors to hire a private service for peace of mind.

"Our children and elderly are at-risk. This is a quality of life concern that can no longer go unnoticed. The widespread drug usage and abuse has got to stop. I will strive to ensure CD-11 properly represents Venice," noted the enthusiastic and high energy hopeful.

Tuesday, March 23rd is the last day to file for the VNC elections and if you need more information on the June elections or would like to file, emailĀ

Mr. Antonicello is a member of the Outreach, Parking and Oceanfront Walk Committee's of the Venice Neighborhood Council and can be reached atĀ