We Know Jack
Life isn’t at risk while our ability to appreciate our human experience is put at risk when doubtful thoughts are the foundation of any endless search for truth.  
To ask, or demand, thinking find what cannot be lost is to ask thought to make the point that life appears to have become impossible. The twisted nature of false thoughts harbored and held as true turns what is less than microscopic into what appears telescopic. Creating chronic impressions is depressing. Obsessive thinking is a chronic disturbance.  
Our nerves, and we have a lot of nerve(s), deliver sensory data to our brain.  When something very hot is picked up there is a lag before it is felt, though we know it is coming.  The further the sense is from our brain the longer the information takes to register.  This is not in seconds but microseconds.  All pain is registered in the brain, where thoughts occur.  There is no greater or immediate anguish or emotional turmoil we can induce than in our mental condition.  
There is no distance, no perspective, no range or distraction sufficient to avoid the impact conflicted thoughts have on our experience. The harder we try to fix any line of irrational thought the worse it gets. Try, try, try as we may trying is never doing or done. Obsessive thoughts are the impossible attempt to turn a lie into truth.  A lie is only a lie as long as it is thought to be true. Lies only exist in thought, conflicted thoughts only appear to exist in the brain where pain is registered - inner conflict and emotional turmoil is the result.
To see sick thoughts is to look at their effect as a revelation of the cause.  Denial is a psychic numbing, like anesthesia, that only appears to work since avoiding problems allows them to grow till intolerable.  As sentient beings this violates our charter.  We are naturally free to do what we want.
When we suffer we are also free to see what we are doing to cause it - as we are free to fight having anything to do with it. How crazy is it to pick a fight then take the other side to claim we’re not responsible for the fight. Sound a little nutty?  This is the extra crunchy version of the term "walking on eggshells” to avoid notice.  Both choices are choices.  To think we have no other choice is a choice. Maligned disturbances or aligned peaceful experiences based on an honest assessment or an immoral crusade are choices.  This is not life doing anything to us - but life providing free-range to do what we choose and face the effects, symptoms and consequences we create - like them or not.  
Thoughts are not true or real.  Thoughts are images, imagined.  Think of memories.  Don’t they come with pictures dressed and staged?  We don’t make or have our own truth or reality but we can think we have both and pretend our job is to control them - as though they exist - and wonder why we feel out of control. Thoughts, like our entire human experience, are products of truth and reality. We cannot be what we have or what we do anymore than we go blind noticing our eyes can't see themselves.  Our eyes reflections, like thoughts, are images not actually the thing imagined.  
Thoughts reflect our awareness, our intention, our human nature to survive and thrive.  Understanding this is not hard yet when foolish empty thoughts rush in like jesters posturing for our attention it can seem difficult. We are as we are not as we think we are when all we think we are is thought. No matter how much we think to and of our-self about our-self the self we think of is born, thorough-bred, fed and literally only appears to exist in thought.  
This self, like lies only exists in thought so to think of it as true is false.  Our self is not who we are but what we think, of our thinking.  Ever wonder why what other people think is so critical? It is the hyper sensitivity we have to what we are doing that is of great concern - avoided by thinking of it as what others think.  Clarity abounds even while foggy notions appear real.  
When social ills get worse it’s a pretty good indication they’re not being diagnosed properly.  Billions of dollars cannot cure any misdiagnosis. Addiction’s theory is that more and more is better while enough is never enough. There is no win in this approach and if we fail to learn from the losses suffered we’re insisting on continuing.  Social addiction, like society, is a reflection of all of us, not some against or for each other.  What we choose individually is what we share collectively, for better or worse.  
Today suicide, mass-child-homicide, overdoses, destitution, dereliction, substance abuse and anxious disorders are being suffered at all time highs in most if not all categories.  So are claims that truth is no longer true.  Then what pray-tell could it be?  Is truth so flimsy as to rely on insanity to figure it out? The divisiveness coming from this line of thought is obvious. Look at all the new fights for and against this and that.  Ever wonder why we've been at war, against how other people think, 92% of recorded modern history? Insanity like a wild-fire only requires a spark.  
We are as we are, now.  We know we know and are aware we are aware, now.  The source of addiction is thinking things aren’t how they are. If things aren’t how they are then they don’t actually exist. To think illusions are true is insanity. Inner conflict and emotional turmoil impact our experience immediately. Pain is registered in the brain and pain indicates something is wrong - this sign indicates we have a solid basis for understanding what is right.  If we didn’t we wouldn’t be so clearly aware of what is wrong.   
Our public discussion looks at how we create inner conflict. Sanity is our nature. Insanity compels reactions based on fear that is promoted by the fear of knowing what it is based on is wrong. This vicious cycle will persist as long as we insist. For as long as we act like things are only as we think - and we’re wrong - we will fight to the death in the name of righteousness. We’ve been doing this for millennia. It is not necessary we continue while we are free to do just that.  
Our podcast allows anonymous listening to ideas that might at first seem hard to hear or grasp.  Yet it is not uncommon people say they don’t understand all they hear while feeling something is right. This greater awareness is not understanding, until this is understood: knowing does not rely on thought, thought is reliant on knowing.  Nature knows what to do - so do we - since nature is our nature and what it knows, we know.  Nature is in order.  We create disorder when we ignore how things actually are.  Self Actualization and Realization realize what is actually happening.  
There is nothing required to listen - but we do ask you consider what you hear.  Consideration is an awakened state of meditative contemplation.  Maybe and possibly allow where no and never seems to close the door on possibility while actually only temporarily limiting probability.  If what we’re talking about is accurate your experience will quickly utilize ideas without thinking since your thoughts will actively introduced to what you know.  We know more than we think so when what we know is realized by thought assurance is our clue that we know we know. Welcome.   
Thanks for your consideration.  All ears are welcome. Click here to listen.