We Know Jack

"Thinking wrong about our thinking at the most fundamental level fractures the potential for thinking clearly on any level."

Addiction is the idea there is only one choice.  Since choice always allows not to be chosen addiction is a lie.  Lies only exist in thought.  They only exist as they are thought to be the only thing they can’t be which is true.  As soon as we think we are the creators of truth we think our reality becomes what we think.  Thinking of our-self becomes a chronic preoccupation since our life now depends on chronic thought.  It may not be shocking that insanity is not reality.  While our life does not depend on thinking about our self our life-form is at risk from compulsions that are never healthy so always threaten our survival.  

As long as we entertain lies we are subject to the ramifications of reactive, impulsive and compulsive behaviors.  This list of behaviors will not stop as long as we maintain ideas that are not true, as true.  It may seem like a ridiculous impossibility or improbability to correct all our thoughts but it is not. What is involved is looking accurately at how we are thinking. To think we are the creators of truth and reality is possible to think. Though thinking wrong about our thinking at the most fundamental level fractures the potential for thinking clearly on any level.  As long as 2 + 2 = 5 math, like life seem, seems impossible.  

When it is understood 2 + 2 = 4 the potential for greater achievements in math is immediately possible.  Simplicity is the easiest things to complicate. The beauty of truth and reality is that they do not change so when principles are applied they work every time.  The laws of nature and the universe are excellent examples.  We always know  how well we are practicing these laws by how well things work. Thinking about problems incessantly is an indication something is wrong so to continue reveals our confidence someday the wrong thought will be right.  Once any principle is applied it seldom takes any thought to reapply it so chronically thinking about it is unnecessary.   The fulfillment of this is like introducing light to darkness that always concedes and is a literally stark contrast to the darkness of feeling enough is never enough no matter how hard we try.  

The misery of thinking our changing thoughts will fix problems is a contradiction making presumed conclusions, inconclusive.  Substance abuse at its core is thinking thoughts with no basis have substance. Any lies claim is spent trying to achieve what is impossible.  We are begging for trouble when the basis of any claim is only that it can be what it can’t be. To think no basis has a basis is possible but causes self-conscious thoughts so how we appear to others and what they think becomes of paramount concern.  

Things are not as they seem or appear but as they are no matter what we think.  Promoting an image that is not true, believing wrongly it is all that we are, for the sake of appearance is all about image.  No matter how much we think we can escape reality we cannot - and yet neither can we be condemned by reality.  The promotion of an image, imagined to be reality. used to confirm what we think is true actually confirms the thought we are thinking with is an image which is exactly the opposite of the reality we hope to prove.  We would not suffer from stress trying to do what cannot be done if we didn’t know better. We have a much greater knowing awareness that does not disappear when all we think about is how things appear, how things seem, or how and who we think we are as though that is all we are.  

The Mental Obsession Discussion PodCast openly looks at these issues interactively between interested participant.  If we share a common basis then what we do wrong individually is not very different than what we do wrong collectively.  Witnessing this can be alarming while the ability to respond to the fire that’s been burning is developed.  Our focus is on inspiration and awe as our focus on disintegration becomes less interesting.  

Humanity is struggling.  What we each do is what adds up to what we are all doing even in ways we think we have nothing to do with.    

We Know Jack be-cause, we know we know and are aware we are aware.

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