Photo courtesy/ Venice Art Crawl Instagram

 VENICE, Ca -The Venice Art Crawl is celebrating “love in art and love of art” on Thursday, February 18, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., streaming on its Instagram account.

“Here we are in COVID times trying to decide what it even looks like and how do we adapt to this?” said Sunny Bak, president of the Venice Art Crawl. 

She said the virtual art crawl provides a way for artists to show work when galleries are closed or homes can’t host shows. 

“We’re trying to see what works so we can keep art alive in Venice,” said Bak, who’s been president of the art crawl board for nearly five years and also serves as vice president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce.


Although the final lineup hasn’t been set, Bak said the art crawl will feature a variety of artists and performers for the quarterly event. New this year will be a virtual tour of Slab City, an off-the-grid community near the Salton Sea that the Washington Post said “has drawn  retirees, artists, anarchists, outcasts, the impoverished and others since the 1950s.”

Bak said Burning Man Festival artists and others have pop-up projects, murals and Black Lives Matter sculptures displayed at the Slab City site, which used to be a military base. There will also be a tour of nearby Bombay Beach, an abandoned resort also on the Salton Sea.

“That’s going to be really exciting,” Bak said.

The theme of this quarter’s art crawl is love. 

“The love of art, the art of love,” Bak said. “It’s kind of a wide theme to be widely interpreted.”

Bak said she hopes artist Laura Kimpton will appear, since she is known for her large sculptures of the word “love.” Bak added that other artists appearing include Canadian singer Apryll Aileen and performance artist Amy Kaps.

“It’s people connected to Venice in some way—spiritually, artistically,” Bak said of the lineup, noting that Venice residency isn’t required. “They’ve lived here or visited here and connected so they’re a part of the art crawl.”

The final lineup of artists won’t be confirmed until the day before, although Bak said she wishes it could be released sooner.

“Artists are like herding cats,” Bak said. “They wake up that day and decide they want to be part of it.”

Bak also said the art crawl board is hoping to return to live events by October, when they plan a 50-person dinner.

“We’re thinking of what we can do to have fun because that’s the main goal: have a great time and sell art,” she said.