Santa Letter

If you’ve never participated in USPS’s Be An Elf program before, this year still has a few days left, and it’s a meaningful Christmas experience for anyone who gets involved.

The program of the post office keeping letters written to Santa, and then allowing people to adopt and fulfill those letters has gone on since 1912.  In earlier years, one could select a letter to Santa in person at the post office but as with all things tech in our world today, the letters are now online for you to read and think about helping.  Read through the letters, and then adopt one to be that child’s Santa.  You’ve got until December 19 to get presents in the mail and you could make a big difference for a child or a family.

As kids are, some have the hopes of the newest gadgets, tech stuff and bicycles, but there are many who ask for shoes or coats.  One four year old asked for a new blanket, blue if possible.  You will also run across letters from parents who have had a rough year and hope someone will help fulfill just a small portion of their child’s Christmas.  

If these letters aren’t emblematic of the Christmas spirit, what is? Be a volunteer. Be an elf. Give back.

Go to USPS Operation Santa and if you choose to participate, you will receive labels with barcodes to ensure the letter writer receives your gift.  You can also read about the protections USPS has in place for everyone.