Sunny War

Sunny War (photo courtesy

VENICE- After 2020 delayed Sunny War’s music-releasing and touring plans, she’s making up for lost time with a busy summer.

The folk-punk singer, who developed her distinct finger-picked sound busking on the Venice boardwalk, played the prestigious Newport Folk Festival in late July, among other tour dates throughout the northeast. 

“It was fun,” said War of the six-day event in Rhode Island that drew 6,000 fans in a COVID-limited capacity. “It made me really nervous. The audience there, they like to concentrate on what you're playing, and I'm more used to just like playing at a bar. Yeah, I was freaking out about it.”

Back home in Hollywood briefly, War is resuming her tour in late August with dates throughout the Midwest and East Coast, even if some shows may be postponed as she experienced last year, as well. 

“Just a couple days ago, I found out that his show I was going to do in September got moved to December because of the COVID outbreak thing,” War said. “I just started getting paranoid, like ‘Oh. it's gonna happen again.’”

Aside from several live dates, War has also released some new music. Well, sort of.

Her folk-punk duo with Brian Rodriguez, Anus Kings, has re-released their first album, Seems You Haven’t Learned. The recording was originally on Bandcamp, but War said the recording quality wasn’t great so they worked with producer Harlan Steinberger to remaster it and re-release it through his Henhouse Studios label.

”I just thought it would be cute,” War said, “and it was the 10-year anniversary of the record, but also we've been talking about making another album with drums. So, we kind of want to re-record some stuff. I guess I think it's just us being nostalgic and silly.”

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