Rick Caruso and Karen Bass

Heads up Westsiders. Monday, October 24, is the deadline to register online or with a voter-registration card.

If you’re registering less than 15 days before the election, you’ll need to complete the same-day voter-registration process and request your ballot in person at your county elections office or polling location.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, staffs are under pressure as close polls and time is coming to an end for people to vote.  Late to events and forums, the candidates are all showing the pressure of over scheduling.  We predict a month of sleep in the future for most of them - right after the City decides between disruptors or stalwarts for the next few years.


In one of the least covered races, the two candidates for Governor will face off on Sunday for a debate.  Sponsored by KQED, it will be streamed live on YouTube at 1 pm on Sunday, October 23.

Fun Fact: This is the one and only debate for the governorship.


New polls released this week shows the mayoral race neck and neck and one shows Caruso three points ahead.

Both candidates will participate in an event on Sunday night, October 23 at 7pm via KJLH FM. Called “A Dialogue with Black LA”, the event will take live questions from callers.

Bass and Caruso will meet again at a forum on October 26.  It is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and will be virtual and moderated by Alex Cohen.

USC continues to figure in both candidates’ remarks.  Bass accused Caruso of cover ups.

Meanwhile, Bass can’t shake that $90K in the form of a scholarship.

Bass picked up endorsement from the Korean American Democratic Committee

Caruso picked up support from the Valley Industry Commerce Associate and its president, Stuart Waldman.

Both candidates seemed to hit every street fair and town hall they could find and are running heavy advertising on both social media and traditional cable tv.  Caruso’s ads are hitting  hard on business and homelessness while Bass continues her push toward coalitions as issues such as advocating for foster youth and abortion rights

City Controller

Kenneth Mejia picked up an endorsement from Keeny Uong, a transit advocate. 

Paul Koretz, as Councilmember, put forth a new plan to improve City animal services.  This topic has played heavily in the battle between the two candidates.

Fun Fact (according to city ethics campaign filings):  We are now aware of where Mejia staffers like to order food from based on receipts filed:

  1. Thai:  22
  2. Chipotle:  16
  3. Tojo:  8
  4. Subway: 5
  5. Grocery Outlet: 5 (this could be dog food but we don’t know)
  6. Chinese: 3
  7. Halal Guys: 1
  8. Teriyaki Madness: 1

Looks like Thai food edged out Chipotle.

City Attorney

Hydee Feldstein-Soto received the endorsement of former LA City Controller Wendy Gruel, Kathryn Barger, current Board of Supervisor, the Los Angeles Press, former LA District Attorney, Robert Philibosian, and the Moms in Office organization.  Latinas Lead CA also threw their support behind her.

Faisal Gill continues to rely on his own money and the Progressive vote.  

The two candidates will debate at a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters on Monday, October 24.  

Supervisor 3

Bob Hertzberg and Lindsey Horvath have met in several forums with both staying on their respective messaging.  Hertzberg  is relying on experience, pragmatism and track record while Horvath is using the progressive angle and a more narrow career experience.  

Fun fact: We do know from the South Brentwood debate that Horvath has difficulty scheduling her dog walker.  Either that or Winston, her dog, is a disrupter as shown in one of this week's forums.

Council District 11

Both Erin Darling and Traci Park continued to defend their legal records.

Both candidates participated in the South Brentwood Association annual meeting.  The contention was palpable regarding the respective legal records as well as how to manage CD11.

Park joined a rally this week at Westchester Senior Center protesting safety concerns at the center, which was recently closed due to conditions by the unhoused. She has canvassing plans for all farmer’s markets as well as neighborhoods.

Park picked up endorsements from the Israel-American Civic Action Network, Councilmember Joe Buscaino, Commissioner Steve Soboroff, Rise Together coalition and Carolyn Honda from the MarVista Chamber of Commerce.

Darling has canvassing events scheduled in Del Rey, Westchester, and the Palisades in the coming week.

Council District 5

Yaroslavsky had an environmental rally and door knocking event  planned for the weekend.

Former Congressman, Henry Waxman has appeared in a new ad for Sam Yebri.

Los Angeles Firefighters and Paramedics endorsed Yebri.

Both will appear at the Hancock Park Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 25.  It’s all Zoom and starts at 7pm.


Villanueva had an extravaganza of a door knocking event scheduled for the 22nd in Carson.

Accompanied by a number of former and current Carson council members, a former mayor of Carson and other supporters.

Fun Fact: they will be seen in the campaign’s double decker bus all through the area.

Robert Luna announced he’s received an endorsement from the Armenian National Committee (Western Region) as well as the VICA (Valley Industry and Commerce Association) plus Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Villanueva has been endorsed by a number of local newspapers this week including the Westside Current. Others are The Compton Herald, Inglewood Today, South Bay Black Journal, The Signal, The Charging BigHorn and WEHOville.


City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor- Current Endorsement: Rick Caruso Can and Will Stand Up for Change

Los Angeles City Attorney -The Current Endorsement: Hydee Feldstein Soto for City Attorney

Los Angeles Controller- The Current Endorsement: Paul Koretz for City Controller

Los Angeles City Council, 11 District -The Current Endorsement: Traci Park for City Councilmember, CD11

Los Angeles City Council 5th District- The Current Endorsement: Sam Yebri for Council District 5

County of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sheriff- Current Endorsement: Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Los Angeles County Supervisor 3rd District -Bob Hertzberg 

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Voter Registration Statistics   

Voters by Age Registered % of Registered

  • 18-29 - 1,168,371 - 20.81%
  • 30-39 - 1,101,115 - 19.61%
  • 40-49 857,578 15.27%
  • 50-59 - 859,338 - 15.31%
  • 60-69 - 807,691 - 14.39%
  • 70-79 - 524,492 - 9.34%
  • 80-89 - 226,705 - 4.04%
  • 90+ 69,282 - 1.23%

TOTAL 5,614,572 100%

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